The preparation and mobilisation of efforts to launch the QuantERA initiative began in 2014, when the National Science Centre (NCN) gathered together the representatives of the European scientific community and national Research Funding Organisations (RFO) in Europe to present the vision for the transnational consortium in Quantum Technologies (QT). A joint letter of intent, expressing interest regarding involvement in QuantERA, was signed by the first partners in August 2014. As the number of signatories rose over the months that followed, it became clear that there was a critical mass available for the implementation of the programme.

In June 2015, at a meeting in Krakow, Poland, 31 representatives of RFOs from 20 European countries expressed their strong interest in joining the multilateral programme in QT at the European level, to be coordinated by NCN. Since then, common efforts have been undertaken to organise a trust-based Consortium of RFOs aiming at preparing the QuantERA Programme.

Launched in 2016, the QuantERA programme is currently the leading European network of public Research Funding Organisations for Quantum Technologies. QuantERA has managed to efficiently mobilise, coordinate and pool financial resources between regional, national and EU research programmes in the area of QT for funding ambitious research and innovation in jointly identified and selected topics of common interest. The programme saw the launch of two calls for research proposals, pooling ca. €45 million of national/regional commitment and €11,5 million of EC co-funding towards Quantum Research and Innovation.

Call 2017
Call 2019

The main objective of QuantERA is to coordinate a long-term strategic vision in the area of QT at the national and European level. The QuantERA partners continue to support ambitious research in jointly identified and selected topics of common interest with a high impact on the future of the European Union’s research and competitiveness. To date, QuantERA is the largest trans-European initiative focused on mobilisation, coordination and pooling of resources between regional, national and EU research programmes in QT.