QuantERA aims at spreading research excellence across the European Research Area (ERA) by encouraging consortia to include partners from the widening countries participating in the network: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey.

The incentive proved successful within the first QuantERA Call 2017 & Call 2019, where 70% of the funded projects involve research teams from the widening countries.

The idea of spreading scientific excellence within the ERA was widely discussed during the QuantERA Projects’ Launch Event in Bucharest. One of the panel discussions was dedicated exclusively to the topic of "Promoting Inclusiveness". The summary of this discussion included the following statements:

  • Access to the European Research Area and the possibility to be involved in collaborative projects is in itself an inclusiveness mechanism, promoting excellent science and connections to industry;
  • It is important to make the research and development communities aware of the already existing mechanisms in the EU to promote inclusiveness – and that is a task both for each country, and for the European Commission;
  • Each country must promote a culture of excellence within its local R&I system, and pursue international standards and best practices. It is important to build the tradition of internationalization and of excellent research and development, particularly in those situations where the R&I was historically built using different priorities. It is important to transform the vicious circles into virtuous circles;
  • It is important not to neglect classical enabling technologies that can be a very significant contribution to the development of quantum technologies, and which could a strength in some widening countries;
  • ERA-NET Cofund Programmes should implement incentives for an increased participation of the research teams from the widening countries.

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