This section is designed to provide quick answers to some of the questions most often asked by the Coordinators of the QuantERA funded projects.

How should I acknowledge the support of QuantERA in publications?

QuantERA asks you to acknowledge in each publication (job advertisement, articles, posters, websites, etc.) resulting from the project that the project was carried out within the QuantERA Programme. Furthermore, the actual individual grants should be acknowledged in publications in the way required by the national funding organisations. Following EU recommendations, we suggest considering open access options when publishing results of QuantERA funded projects.

You can acknowledge the support of QuantERA in your publications as follows: “This work was supported by the QuantERA grant [insert project acronym], by [insert the funding organisation and the grant number for that funding organisation], [insert the next funding organisation and the grant number for that funding organisation], etc....”. The number of cited funding organisations will depend on the number of project partners that contributed to the publication.

Will QuantERA monitor the proper implementation of the project?

Yes. For monitoring purposes, QuantERA will run two monitoring surveys and require two progress reports of each consortium: one at mid-term and one at the end of the project duration.

Is there a possibility to extend the project due to Covid-19?

In response to the COVID-19 impact on research activities and following the consultations with the European Commission, the QuantERA Consortium has decided to open the option to request extensions of the QuantERA-funded projects, when deemed necessary.

All projects must be completed by the end of the following months at the latest:

  • June 2022, for projects funded within Call 2017;
  • June 2024, for projects funded within Call 2019.

Please note that the final decision on the extension lies within the authority of the respective Research Funding Organization and must be granted formally on the national/regional level.

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