QuantERA Call 2017 Funded Projects

Trapped Atom Interferometers in Optical Lattices

The long-term vision of TAIOL project is to develop a novel class of quantum sensors based on trapped atom interferometry with performances that will overcome state of the art, and to extend their range of operation for high precision measurements in applied and fundamental physics.

Theory-­Blind Quantum Control

Accurate control of complex quantum systems is of great importance for the development of quantum technologies, as it permits to achieve many goals with high accuracy despite inherent system imperfections. Realising this in practice, however, is a great challenge, since it requires precise models and numerically expensive simulations.

2D hybrid materials as a platform for topological quantum computing

The topological protection expected to hold in a Majorana qubit promises virtually decoherence-free and fault-tolerant quantum computation. Thanks to material and experimental advances achieved during the last years, realizing and observing individual Majorana zero modes has become routine in multiple research laboratories. Our project will bring research on Majorana modes to the next level in a twofold way.